2.8 Mp IP-camera TR-D234 (3.6 mm)

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  • DWDR – wide dynamic range, a software method of neutralizing the effects of shooting under the light level drops.
  • 3D DNR – Noise Reduction for professional grade video surveillance systems.
  • BLC – Backlight Compensation Backlight. The device is compatible with DVR and NVR, equipped with video inputs.
  • Defog – increasing the frame contrast, the effect of the removal made by mist or smoke.


The top security cameras for your home or company are IP cameras from CCTV Camera World. We specialize in professional equipment with the greatest color night vision possible, high-quality image sensors, and AI-based advanced motion detection technology to minimize false alarms. It’s simple to link wired CCTV IP camera, like our PoE cameras, to a network video recorder to create your own PoE camera system. For areas that are difficult to wire, standalone Wireless Wi-Fi IP cameras are excellent options. They also support internal microSD card recording. Our cameras are built to be weatherproof for worry-free installation for indoor or outdoor use. They are made of sturdy ABS plastic or metal. Using free mobile app, you can wirelessly access all of our wired IP cameras and home wireless IP security cameras from any location in the globe with a broadband internet connection. Use our two-way audio cameras, like our Active Deterrence Cameras with HD video resolution up to 4K, to replace your doorbell cameras.

Coaxial video cables are needed to transport video from analog and analog-over-digital security cameras to a digital video recorder (DVR). An IP security camera, on the other hand, can send video over a wireless network. In particular, IP cameras attach to a network video recorder (NVR) using USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi.

Depending on the camera model, an IP camera can record video at a resolution of up to 16 megapixels in high definition. Every IP camera has a processing chip built in that shrinks the video as it is being shot. What does that imply? In other words, each video recording carries more data the greater the camera resolution. Images with higher resolution need more storage space as well as capacity for data transmission. IP cameras must compress the files, or make the files smaller, in order to broadcast HD images over a network without using up too much bandwidth. When the video ultimately reaches your phone or computer, there will either be no change in frame rate or only a slight reduction in resolution thanks to modern compression standards like h.264 and MPEG-4.


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