IP-camera ActiveCam AC-D4111IR1 (3.6 mm)

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  • DWDR – wide dynamic range, a software method of neutralizing the effects of shooting under the light level drops.
  • 3D DNR – Noise Reduction for professional grade video surveillance systems.
  • BLC – Backlight Compensation Backlight. The device is compatible with DVR and NVR, equipped with video inputs.
  • Defog – increasing the frame contrast, the effect of the removal made by mist or smoke.


Best Solar CCTV Camera

Installing CCTV is one of the finest ways to prevent and catch criminal activity on a building site. However, this can be challenging because installing secure traditional CCTV systems on new sites might be challenging. Additionally, they need connections and continuous power. You require a cost-effective solution without sacrificing security. Solar-powered CCTV can help in this situation.

Since it has a number of advantages over traditional CCTV solutions, including affordability and flexibility, solar power CCTV has recently gained favor.

What is solar power CCTV?

Direct current (DC) electricity is produced by solar panels, which are used in solar-powered security cameras. The direct current is then converted to alternating current (AC), which can be utilized to power the CCTV, by means of an inverter. The absence of sunlight is also not a problem. Rechargeable batteries that store excess solar panel electrical power are used to power the solar power CCTV when there isn’t any sunlight.

solar energy CCTV is not only ideal in difficult-to-access locations. It is the perfect option for building sites of all sizes and situations where running cables can be expensive or aren’t always viable because it can be used to monitor off-grid locations and isolated areas.

The CCTV doesn’t need any electricity or wiring because it receives its power from a solar panel. This implies that the solar power CCTV system can be charged and operated with the greatest available natural resources.

What features are included in a solar-powered CCTV?
Depending on the supplier, solar power CCTV has different features. As an illustration, some may be able to provide capabilities like automated number plate recognition (ANPR), while others would not. However, solar-powered CCTV frequently has the following characteristics:

  1. 360-degree detection area powered entirely by solar energy, 24/7/365
  2. Capabilities for multidirectional audio
  3. A powerful 4G antenna
  4. A sturdy steel frame, and a vandal-resistant enclosure
  5. A two-way audio feature
  6. If an incursion occurs, warning lights will flash
  7. Facility for remote access
  8. 24/7 storage recording
  9. Mechanism for detecting tampering


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